Is content more important then form/design?

Want to know why content is more important than design? Want to learn how to make content more valuable to your users? You will learn the answers from this article!


What place do you give the content? Do you consider it more important than design, and if not, why? Content is why users choose your website. Don’t neglect this. It is the content that makes your website unique.

Design is just the design of the content. If your website has a good design, this is a great advantage, but no more. Now you will find out why.

Design is the frame, but not the entire artwork.

No matter how wonderful your website may be, users will not use it just because your website has nice buttons or the website header looks unusual. This isn’t enough to get regular users. Unusual attractive design is always good. This’ll allow you to create a positive impression of your users who visited the site for the first time, but then it all depends on the content.

The importance of form

What is the importance of design? It consists not only in visual appeal but also in the convenience of the site. It should be convenient for users to use your website. This is one of the main goals of good design. The design is designed to make content more accessible.

The text should read well, and the pictures should load quickly. Is your site like this? A competent user experimenter will make your site only better, but you should not give the design the first place.

Why is content MORE important?

The website of any company is its business card. The user should make an impression of the company, based on your content, and in this matter, you will be helped not by design, but by content.

Design is just the design of the site, but not the site itself. The core of the site is content. Only he will help to form an opinion about your business. Focus on the content, and then you will see the response of users. It will bring you much more fruit.

How to make content more valuable?

For your content to be more valuable, you need to write on topics that are most useful to your user. Ask yourself what your user needs and what you can give him. The answers to these questions lie in the specifics of your case. Analyze competitor websites. Look at their content. How exactly and with what do they fill their websites?